The First District 1 Educational Webinar of 2018 a Success! ~ Ultimate Open House Planning 101

On January 12th, District 1 Toastmasters held “The Ultimate Open House Planning 101”.  Led by Open House Chair Yuko Oshimo, DTM participants learned the purpose of and best tips on putting on an Open House.

  • Yuko Oshimo, DTM – Provided tips on for successful membership building including envisioning your club success, enrolling your club members into your vision and enrolling guests.
  • Lola! Love, DTM – Gave an inspiring speech about the importance of designing your dreams and a perfect example of what we are offering potential new Toastmasters members.
  • Sonya Vasquez, DTM – Offered tips on what and how to promote
  • Tina Tomiyama, DTM – Shared the 5 important things to think about in planning your Open House: 1) agenda, 2) food, 3) guest packets, 4) name badges/table cards & registration, and 5) guest comments

To learn more listen to the recording of the webinar, which can be found here.

For more information go to or contact Open House Chair, Yuko Oshimo at