Virtual Meeting Resources

District 1 Toastmasters Virtual Meeting Support

Through the District 1 G Suite account we are able to support clubs as follows:
Clubs with 25 attendees or less
Club can use Google Hangouts Meet. The host needs an account. You can request one at
Clubs with 25 or more attendees
The district can set up a repeating meeting through the District Zoom Pro account. Clubs can also setup this up if they (or a member) have a Zoom Pro account. A Pro account can host up to 100 attendees with unlimited meeting time. Meetings can be recorded easily as well. If using District generated Zoom meeting, clubs will need to appoint someone as admin and co-host.

Here are Best Practices for Online Club Meetings on Zoom. Many points are applicable to other web conferencing tools.

Resources for Online Meetings

If your club is considering temporarily meeting online, here is a list of alternative video conferencing software:

– An account is necessary
– When using Google Calendar with your account, you can add your Hangouts Meet link directly under “Add Conferencing” button.
– Free accounts limit meetings of 3 or more attendees at 40 mins.
– Pro accounts provide unlimited meeting time
– Both Free & Pro accounts offer 100 attendee limit
Virtual Guest Packets
Click here to access virtual guest packets to send to your guests.

Best Practices for Participating in an Online Meeting

  • Attend online from a quiet space, with little or no background noise, or interruptions. Avoid public coffee shops or restaurants, for example.
  • Use separate microphone and headphones, to avoid disturbing anyone around you.
  • Unmute only when speaking to reduce background noise.
  • Coordinate and agree on timing signals. An audio cue (“green”) might be helpful as well.
  • When it’s your turn to speak, unmute, then mute again when complete.
  • Use the chat feature for direct messaging speakers with written feedback, and to vote on best speaker, etc.
  • Assign a technical SAA to monitor, mute and unmute attendees as needed.

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