Lydia Boyd Communication/Leadership Award

Nominations for the Lydia Boyd Award are now open!

Which Leader Qualifies? In honor of Past International Director, Lydia Boyd, DTM, the 2014 District 1 Council voted to establish the Lydia Boyd Communication/Leadership Award.  Lydia is recognized as the first and only District Governor who led our district to number one in the world.  By having a clear vision and empowering her team, she left a legacy of excellence in communication and leadership.

We invite you to nominate a member who you think exemplifies this excellence:  inspires others, transforms norms, and strives for standards.

Only one recipient will be selected each year and you may not nominate yourself.  The award will be presented at the Spring Conference. For further details on the nomination and selection process, please refer to the rules.

Application Deadline: April 30, 2022

Email your completed application to Joan Lewis, DTM, PDG, PID at

We look forward to celebrating the leaders in District ONE!

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