District Executive Committee

Members are the heart and foundation of Toastmasters International. The District Executive Committee members are committed to support the members and clubs in achieving excellence.
Map to Service to Members

Brad Stauffer, DTM
District Director
Diane Markham, DTM
Program Quality Director
Keith Jackson, DTM
Club Growth Director
Janell Carla Williams, DTM
Public Relations Manager
Dannette Montague, DTM
Finance Manager
Everette Williams, DTM
Logistics Manager
David Kitchen, DTM, PDG
Alex Wu, DTM
Ken Stark, DTM, IPDD
Immediate Past District Director

Division Directors

Ed Coffey, DTM
Division A
Kristine Archie, DTM
Division B
Jijo John, DTM
Division C
Nicole Curtis-Brown, DTM
Division D
Crystal Gillispie, ACG, ALB
Division E
James Vaughan, LD5, EH1
Division F

Area Directors

Carla Taravella, DTM
Area A1
Beverly Newton, CC, CL
Area A2
Ali Mazhin, ACG, ALB
Area A3
Donna Benjamin, ACS
Area A4
Elaine Gault ACS, CL
Area A5
Hoa Nguyen, ACG, ALB
Area A6
Vicky Trabosh, ACB
Area B1
Daniel Barer, ACG, CL
Area B2
Jacob Daley, DTM
Area B3
Samantha Neyland, VC2
Area B4
Ana Lopez, ALB, ACB
Area B5
Waheed Akberzie, LD4
Area B6
Sherry Glaze, MS1
Area C1
Patrick Owino, VC5
Area C2
Abdus Sattar, CC, DL3
Area C3
Tracy Jones, CC
Area C4
Sha'Dona Brewer, LD1
Area C5
Lorenzo Babboni, IP1
Area C6
Felix Cortes
Felix Cortes, DL3
Area D1
YuMei Hom, DL2
Area D2
Stacey McKay CC, CL
Area D3
Daisy Li, DL5
Area D4
Raena Hawkins, PM5
Area D5
Barbara Woo, LD5
Area D6
Lucas Stidham, DL5
Area E1
Robert Somadhi, IP2
Area E2
Jenny Tran, IP2
Area E3
Dustin Plunkett, IP1
Area E4
Liam Whitney, ACG, ALB
Area E5
Oneida Santana, ACG, ALB
Area E6
Joyce Randall, CC, CL
Area F1
Peter Halm, LD2
Area F2
Valerie Thrash, DTM
Area F3
Robin Cash
Area F4
Kathleen Andrews, ACB, ALB
Area F5
Yolanda Callegari Burton, EC1
Area F6