District Executive Committee

Members are the heart and foundation of Toastmasters International. The District Executive Committee members are committed to support the members and clubs in achieving excellence.
Map to Service to Members

Ken Starks, DTM
District Director
Brad Stauffer, DTM
Program Quality Director
Diane Markham, DTM
Club Growth Director
Sylvia Roldan, CC, ALB, MS3
Public Relations Manager
Hoa Nguyen
Administration Manager
Ana Lopez, CC, ALB
Finance Manager
Tony St. Clair, DTM
Jacob Daley, ACB, ALB
Evelyn Woolridge, DTM
Immediate Past District Director

Division Directors

Leann Levine, DTM
Division A
Lola! Love, DTM, VC5
Division B
Jessica Denham, DTM
Division C
Tawanda L. Duck, DTM
Division D
Jonathan Eckman, ACB, ALB
Division E
Janell Williams, DTM
Division F

Area Directors

Harrison Sallow
Area A1
Mark Connaughton
Area A2
Craig Lyn
Area A3
Russell Watson
Area A4
Keong Ng
Area A6
Melissa Burdette, DTM
Area B1
Liza Aguilar
Area B2
Jacob Daley, ACS, ALB
Area B3
David Allan
Area B4
Richard Lewis
Area B6
Tiffany Heim
Area C1
Eleanor Oliver
Area C3
Alan Shinkman
Area C4
Jijo John
Area C5
Kristine Archie
Area C6
Helen Low
Area D1
Nicole Curtis-Brown
Area D2
Karen Yu
Area D3
Donna O'Connell
Area D4
Anna Ziss-Patton
Area D5
Ed Coffey
Area D6
Kathy Choice
Area E1
Chris Zahn
Area E2
Crystal Gillispie
Area E3
Dora Waters
Area E5
Oneida Santana
Area E6
Ellen Deleston
Area F1
Michael Greenfield
Area F2
Carol Ross-Burnett
Area F3
Megashia Jackson
Area F4
Muriel Shabazz
Area F5
Jim Vaughn
Area F6