District Executive Committee

Members are the heart and foundation of Toastmasters International. The District Executive Committee members are committed to support the members and clubs in achieving excellence.
Map to Service to Members

Evelyn Woolridge, DTM
District Director
Ken Starks, ACS,ALB
Program Quality Director
Brad Stauffer, DTM
Club Growth Director
Public Relations
Public Relations Manager
Yvette Ferrer
Administration Manager
Catherine Magruder, DTM
Finance Manager
Everette Williams, DTM
Logistics Manager
David Kitchen, DTM, PDG
Susan Graz
Julie Broady, DTM, IPDD
Immediate Past District Director

Division Directors

Steve Evans
Division A
Alexander Denk
Division B
Melody Mundy
Division C
Anna Ziss-Patton
Anna Ziss-Patton, DTM
Division D
Michelle King
Division E
Janet Kemp
Janet Kemp, DTM
Division F

Area Directors

Leann Levine
Area A1
Isabelle Harris
Area A2
Robin Boytos
Area A3
Paris Ashrafi
Area A4
Dayna LeBlanc Gowan
Area A5
Alan Shinkman
Area A6
Faraz Khan
Area B1
Austin Iuliano
Area B2
Kristina Thorson
Area B3
Daniel Shuman
Area B4
Vincent Setiono
Area B5
Charles Ortiz
Area B6
Becca Ebner
Area C1
Jessica Denham
Area C2
RC Sawyer
Area C3
Dion James
Area C4
Jijo John
Area C5
Rara Jeon
Area C6
Tanya (Tenya) Pluckrose
Area D1
Florentina Alden
Area D2
Tom Jedrzejewicz
Area D3
Tawanda L. Duck
Area D4
Denise Webb
Area D5
Ken Saruwatari
Area D6
Daisy Li
Area E2
Jonathan Eckman
Area E3
Christopher Gildemeister
Area E4
Sylvia Roldan
Area E5
Patrick E. Verebely
Area E6
Helena Titus
Area F1
Tina Robinson
Area F2
Ellonce Kemp
Area F4
Elizabeth Smith
Area F5
Janell Williams
Area F6