District Executive Committee

Members are the heart and foundation of Toastmasters International. The District Executive Committee members are committed to support the members and clubs in achieving excellence.
Map to Service to Members

Julie Broady, DTM
District Director
Evelyn Woolridge, DTM
Program Quality Director
Donna Robinson, DTM
Club Growth Director
Sonya Vasquez, DTM
Public Relations Manager
Donna Oja, DTM, PDG
Administration Manager
Jeanne Denton, DTM
Finance Manager
Karen Persip, DTM
Logistics Manager
Dana LaMon, DTM, AS, WCPS
Miyo Yamauchi
Jessica Allen, DTM, IPDD
Immediate Past District Director

Division Directors

Yvette Ferrer
Division A
Andrew Citron
Division B
Melvin MC Daniel
Division C
Karina Gaete-Llanos
Division D
Richard Carbajal
Division E
Ken Starks
Division F

Area Directors

Carla Taravella
Area A1
Cynthia Moore
Area A2
Steve Evans
Area A3
Melody Mundy
Melody Mundy
Area A4
Jorge Sciupac
Area A5
Maho Ohashi
Area A6
Saiyini Sunder
Area A7
Alexander Denk
Area B1
Sudha Dharmaraj
Area B2
Andrea Voss
Area B3
Charles Ortiz
Area B4
Bill Starkey
Area B5
Allison Samon
Area B6
John Brainard
Area B7
John Rubacher
Area C1
Denise Yusuff
Area C2
Jessie Reyes
Area C3
Maruska Moore
Area C4
Cleveland Carter
Area C5
Victoria Reynolds
Area C6
Caitlin Chen
Area C7
Margaret Costa
Area D1
Maria Ruiz
Area D2
Don Dean
Area D3
Danielle Wagner
Area D4
Connie Gaston
Area D5
Diane Wachi
Area D6
Prince Simmons
Area D7
Melissa Ruiz
Area E1
Laurie Cho
Area E2
Moises Nevarez
Area E3
Solomon Bedford
Area E4
Jennifer Anwar
Area E5
Michelle King
Area E6
Bradley Lyon
Area E7
Danna Kiel
Area F1
Erica Bailey
Area F2
Eno Inwek
Area F3
Valerie Thrash
Area F4
Jill White
Area F5
Heather Hamilton
Area F6
Greta Christie
Area F7