District Executive Committee

Janell Carla Williams, DTM
District Director
Keith Jackson, DTM
Program Quality Director
Leann Levine, DTM
Club Growth Director
Shawnte Howard, LD2
Public Relations Manager
Tawanda L. Duck, DTM
Administration Manager
Daisy Li, DTM
Finance Manager
This Could Be You
Logistics Manager
Rick Sydor, DTM, PID
Jijo John, DTM
Diane Markham, DTM
Immediate Past District Director

Division Directors

Kim Dixon, VC4
Division A
Joyce Randall, VC5
Division B
Beverly Newton, PM1
Division C
Jimmy Tsai
Division D
Dinesh Kakde, SR3
Division E
Robin Cash, PM5
Division F

Area Directors

Cindy Wu
Area A1
Caydene Monk
Area A2
Faraah Mullings Brown, PM1
Area A3
Yvette Hayes, DTM
Area A4
Roz Walker, PM2
Area A5
Gary Cohen, DTM
Area B1
Gwendolyn Williams, PM2
Area B2
Chris Green, IP4
Area B3
Charles Ortiz, PM3
Area B4
This Could Be You
Area B5
This Could Be You
Area C1
Dawne Gardner, PM1
Area C2
Larry Stubbs, DTM
Area C3
Amber Stewart, MS3
Area C4
This Could Be You
Area C5
Soo Park, VC4
Area D1
LeTasha Morrison, LD1
Area D2
Ali Mazhin, DTM
Area D3
Belinda Watson, EC3
Area D4
Aida Tajalli, DL3
Area D5
Michelle King, DTM
Area E1
John Graham, DL4
Area E2
Stacey Cannon, DL1
Area E3
Pey-Ru (Liz) Chen, PM2
Area E4
Dora Foreman-Waters, DL5
Area E5
Evelyn Holiman, CC
Area F1
Margaret Sewell, DL2
Area F2
Dierdre Gay, CC, CL
Area F3
ValJean Boyd, LD3
Area F4
Maria Sebastian, EC5
Area F5