Become a Club Mentor, Sponsor, or Coach

One of the requirements for earning an Advanced Leader – Silver award is to have served successfully as a club mentor, sponsor or coach. These three roles are official assignments. They are made by the District Director, in consultation with the Club Growth Director, and reported to Toastmasters International, so that the member can get credit towards an ALS.

New Club Mentors and Sponsors

New Club Mentor meets regularly with the club for 6-12 months, helping the members build the skills they need to guide the club.

New Club Sponsor helps a club get chartered by identifying a potential club, finding a location, recruiting members, collecting fees and doing the charter paperwork.

A new club may have up to 2 sponsors and 2 mentors.

For more information about New Club Mentors and Sponsors, download “So You Want To Be a Club Sponsor or Mentor“.

Keith Jackson, DTM, Club Growth Director


Club Coaches

Club Coach is an experienced Toastmaster officially assigned by the District Director to work with a struggling club, one that has 12 or fewer members and has requested help from the District, to help that club become Distinguished. The assignment lasts to the end of the current club year (June 30) if the club reaches Distinguished status or better by that date. If Distinguished Club status is not reached in the first year, the assignment is extended to the end of the next club year (the next June 30).

**Download the 16-page Club Rebuilding Kit.

For more information about the Club Coach program, click here.

For more information about the Distinguished Club Program (DCP), click here.

Hoa Nguyen, DTM, Club Coach Chair

Janell Williams, DTM, Program Quality Director