Success Leadership Programs

Success Communication and Success Leadership are series
of workshops to help develop and provide practice in
the following skills:

  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Conducting meetings
  • Parliamentary procedure
  • Listening
  • Evaluation
  • Creative thinking

Use the workshops to enhance members’ skills during club
meetings, to improve employee performance in the workplace
and to promote awareness of Toastmasters in the community.
Both coordinators and participants of these workshops benefit.

How to Conduct Productive Meetings
(Item 236)
Efficiently conducted meetings take advantage of valuable resources. Learn and practice the techniques and dynamics of conducting productive meetings in small groups.

  • Effective purpose statements
  • Leading a meeting
  • Evaluating a meeting
Parliamentary Procedure in Action
(Item 237)
Rules of order are part of the culture of most organizations, making the ability to apply parliamentary procedure a valuable skill. Learn and practice participating in and leading parliamentary discussions.

  • Presenting and discussing motions
  • Learning subsidiary motions
  • Handling privileged motions
Leadership, Part I: Characteristics of Effective Leaders
(Item 255)
Leaders influence and inspire team members to achieve a mission or goal. Learn the qualities of effective leaders; discover your own leadership style, and learn to identify your team’s leadership needs.

  • Determining your leadership style
  • Identifying team leadership needs
  • Discussing leadership gaps and leadership matches
Leadership, Part II: Developing Your Leadership Skills
(Item 256)
Effective leaders know their own leadership styles and understand the needs of their teams. Learn and practice the skills and techniques of effective leaders, such as team-building, motivating and coaching.

  • Personal fulfillment
  • Motivation
  • Coaching team members to improve performance
Leadership, Part III: Working in the Team Environment
(Item 258)
Successful leaders build relationships and trust in their teams and resolve conflict. Learn and practice leadership skills by working with and leading teams.

  • Developing team relations
  • Encouraging commitment
  • Resolving conflict
Improving Your Management Skills
(Item 259)
Managers are an integral part of any organization. Learn and practice the skills and qualities required to be an effective manager.

  • Setting goals
  • Motivating others
  • Solving problems

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