Success Communication Programs

Success Communication and Success Leadership are series
of workshops to help develop and provide practice in
the following skills:

  • Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Conducting meetings
  • Parliamentary procedure
  • Listening
  • Evaluation
  • Creative thinking

Use the workshops to enhance members’ skills during club
meetings, to improve employee performance in the workplace
and to promote awareness of Toastmasters in the community.
Both coordinators and participants of these workshops benefit.

(Item 205)
Speechcraft develops leadership and speaking skills. Gain confidence writing and delivering speeches; practice impromptu speaking; and use audiovisual aids, body language and effective listening.

  • Delivering prepared speeches
  • Learning to evaluate effectively
  • Conducting quality meetings
How to Listen Effectively
(Item 242)
Listening is much more active than most people think. Learn and practice receiving, organizing and interpreting what is said.

  • Developing skills in active listening
  • Learning how to avoid distractions
  • Practicing listening to understand
The Art of Effective Evaluation
(Item 251)
No matter what your vocation, the ability to effectively evaluate any situation is crucial. Learn and practice the finer points of offering constructive criticism.

  • Determining overall evaluation strengths and weaknesses
  • Building self-esteem through evaluation
  • Practicing evaluation skills
Building Your Thinking Power, Part I: Mental Flexibility
(Item 253)
By increasing your mental flexibility, you are better able to adapt so you can achieve the best outcomes. Learn and practice becoming a better listener, a keener observer, a more skilled thinker and a more effective problem-solver.

  • Exercising perceptual skills and mental flexibility
  • Interpreting information in an open-minded way
  • Thinking strategically
Building Your Thinking Power, Part II: The Power of Ideas
(Item 254)
People who are skilled at producing new ideas can make profound contributions to society. Learn and practice the basic principles of creative thinking, and explore specific techniques that can make all of us more effective idea producers.

  • Convergent and divergent thinking
  • Enhancing imagination
  • Creating ideas through brainstorming
From Speaker to Trainer
(Item 257)
Properly trained people increase productivity and make fewer mistakes. Learn and practice the five steps involved in preparing and presenting a training program using adult learning principles. Learn the roles of trainers and the differences between public speaking and training, and gain practical experience in facilitating discussion and conducting exercises.

  • Conducting a gap analysis
  • Writing training objectives
  • Conducting an effective role-play

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