Reverend Joseph “Joe” Lee Love, DTM

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by Laura Blackwell, DTM

Oh, what a man!  Everybody who knew Joe can vouch that he was a fun-loving, professional, dedicated, and all-around person.  He was a teacher, a scholar, a preacher, a fitness buff and an exceptional person.

As a toastmaster, he served District One well as area and district governor (director), and district photographer.  He also was the founder of two Toastmasters club, Dynamic 90s and Ethical Elite.  Joe served in all roles in both clubs.  He achieved the level of Distinguished Toastmaster and received the Roy D. Graham Award.

Joe and his late wife, Shirley moved to Texas in 2010. Once settled, Joe joined a Toastmasters club in the Dallas area.   He also was active in the Dallas branch of the AARP.

Joe made his transition from this earth on July 14, 2017 in Grand Prairie, Texas.  He will be remembered as:

  • A friend to all he met.
  • The club mentor and member of his toastmaster clubs, Dynamic 90s and Ethical Elite.
  • A wise man who loved to quote scripture from his favorite biblical character, Solomon.
  • A great communicator and leader in his toastmaster, private, and public life.
  • He was a club founder; founder of Toastmasters club Dynamic 90s and Ethical Elite.
  • He was a counselor. As an ordained minister, he offered free counseling to those experiencing the throes of life.
  • He was a preacher. He, on occasion, delivered the message at the City of Angeles Science of Mind Center.
  • He was an athlete. He ran track during his high school days.  He was an avid roller skater, bike rider, weightlifter, and all around sports fanatic.
  • He was an excellent storyteller. At any toastmaster meeting, he shared his life stories from his life as a foster kid, to his many jobs he held, to family, to being a teacher, to his time in the U.S. Air Force, and many more adventures he experienced.
  • He was a dancer. Toastmaster Edith has a clear memory of him doing the “running man”.  Wherever there was a dance floor, you could find Joe, teaching or leading.
  • He was humorous. His jokes were dry; but, loaded with humor.
  • He was a salesman and networker. Using the sales skills he learned as a used car salesman, he was good at renewing members 100% and as well as recruiting new members.
  • He was an entertainer. We have fond memories of him performing as Ray Charles and a member of the Temptations Revue at our Toastmasters’ Christmas Party.
  • He loved to travel; traveling nationally and internationally.
  • He was well-dressed. Coming to our 8:00 a.m. Saturday meeting dressed in his suit and tie.
  • He was ageless. He could outrun, out-perform the best of the best.
  • He was family oriented. A dedicated husband to his wife, a father figure to his children, grandparent to his grandchildren, brother to his siblings, and friend to his relatives.
  • He was dependable and trustworthy. Joe was a man of his words, who was always on time.

Joe has been so much for so many, I could write a book on him and continue singing his praises; but as with all things, it must end.

May you forever rest in peace, my friend and fellow Toastmaster.

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  1. It truly saddens me to hear of the loss of my friend Joe Love. He was member of Century City Toastmasters when I was just starting with the organization. Joe was my cheerleader always helping me especially with my speeches. I always enjoyed seeing him at the International Conventions in his casual attire ready to give me and all his toastmasters friends a big “LOVE” hug and smile. He will be truly missed.

  2. Yes, I remember Joe from my many years in district 1, always positive, willing to help and do whatever was necessary. Certainly he was an asset to the district. I do believe the highest level of leadership was as a division governor, not district governor.

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