Always a District 1 Member!

Hello from Lompoc Valley of Flowers Toastmasters

With Toastmasters new program and Pathways, I recently had to give a brand new icebreaker for my first Pathways Project.

It brought back many memories, especially how and why I started my journey in Toastmasters, where I’ve been, the clubs I’ve belonged to, but especially the friends I made in District One. Although I like living in Lompoc and I belong to a very good club here (Lompoc Valley of Flowers), I still miss my friends in D1.
In my icebreaker I related how I had joined my first TM club in El Cajon CA, but my Toastmaster memories really begin from when I joined Toastmasters in D1. That was where I began my journey as Area Governor, Division Governor, working with the District team as SAA, chairing contests, achieving my DTM, and especially when I helped charter and become a member of Professional Women Toastmasters.

I related how Laura Bayne Jarnat and I became known as the “B” team when we paired up to chair many area, division and district contests; how I had enjoyed the time I was on the committee with Lydia Boyd, Pat Allison and Michael Levinrad, chairing one of the last regional conferences held; but uppermost, the many friends I have made in District One.

This is a letter of thanks to Toastmasters, to all my friends in D1, and especially to the members of Professional Women Toastmasters, for their help, their friendship, for giving me the courage to say “I can do that.”

District One will always be my ‘Toastmaster home.’

Looking forward to seeing you when I visit Los Angeles, and perhaps even seeing some of you up here in wine country.