City Speakers Free Boot Camp

About this Event

Today the average person absorbs more than 20,000 words of information daily, from sources ranging from the internet to television to social media. Making ourselves heard in this environment is a challenge simply because most of us have never been trained to speak effectively. To speak effectively, you must be able to relate the information to your listeners, who then make mental connections and fill in their own knowledge gaps. Through your words you can ignite passion, fascinate, and stimulate your audience to even learn more.

In this free boot camp organized by City Speakers Toastmasters, we will share tips and secrets of public speaking and communication in a safe and encouraging environment.

The skills you will learn will enable you to speak confidently, naturally and with conviction. Specifically, you will learn how to present persuasively in a professional atmosphere and how to give an inspirational speech.

Session I (10/30/2019)

This session covers the basics of speech including organization, articulation, vocal variety and body language. Additionally, there will be a demonstration and attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Session II (11/6/2019)

This boot camp covers the essential elements of presenting in a professional environment with the goal of persuading them to take an action.

Your listeners will more likely be persuaded if they perceive you as credible, if you use logic and emotion in your appeal, if you carefully structure your speech, and if you appeal to their interests.

Attendees will learn how to clearly and succinctly convey an idea including coming up with an elevator speech, researching the audience and presenting your ideas in a powerpoint presentation.

Session III (11/13/2019)

This boot camp introduces the elements of giving an inspiring speech. An inspirational speech motivates an audience to improve personally, emotionally, professionally, or spiritually and relies heavily on emotional appeal. The ability to give a persuasive speech brings an audience together in a mood of fellowship and shared desire.

In the final session of the boot camp, attendees will learn the fundamentals of giving an inspiring speech and the session will include an address by a keynote speaker who shares an inspirational story of overcoming adversity.

All of the skills you learn from the boot camp will put you on the path to finding your “Voice”.

Additionally, we will be providing a free lunch

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to improve their speaking skills, no matter their current speaking abilities
  • Anyone who is interested in improving or learning public speaking/speech/presentation skills.
  • Anyone who wants a slice of pizza.