Celebrate Women’s History Month with Rough Writers!

Join our special International Women’s Day meeting next Monday (03/08)!

In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month! Join us on Monday (03/08) at 7 pm (PST) | 10 pm (EST) to hear from Rough Writers: Faith Pinho and Jessica Innis.

Our first speaker of the night is Faith Pinho, a journalist based in Long Beach, and curator of Me Too: Unwanted Collections, a woman-centric art exhibit curated to showcase the multitudes of #MeToo moments each woman carries inside herself. Next on the stage is Jessica Innis, a creator, a designer, and an innovator based in New Jersey. She will give her first Ice-Breaker to the club and talk about building confidence, self-love, self-awareness, education, dealing with bullying, taking action against racism, relationships, and entrepreneurship.

Get ready to participate! You are also welcome to join in our Writing Table Topics. If you would like to write and share with us a 350 words-story based on our given prompt, please send us an e-mail. For more information and to obtain the meeting password, please email our VP of PR Ana Clara Otoni, anaclara.otoni@district1toastmasters.org.

More: https://roughwriters.toastmastersclubs.org/