2017-2018 Candidates for Office:

  • Julie Broady for District Director
  • Evelyn Woolridge, Program Quality Director
  • Donna Robinson, Club Growth Director
  • Yvette Frontera Ferrer, Division A
  • Andrew Citron, Division B
  • Melvin McDaniel, Division C
  • Karina Gaeta Lllanos, Division D
  • (None), Division E
  • Kenneth Starks, Division F

District 1 General Business Meetings

District 1 General Business Meetings are held at the District 1 Conferences twice a year – Fall and Spring.

The next business meeting will be at the Spring Conference: Saturday, May 20, 2017

Why Vote?

  • It is a privilege to be a part of Toastmasters International and be able to take an active role in the future of the organization
  • To participate in decisions affecting the members of District 1
  • To have your say in matters that will affect you and your club
  • To enable the district to carry on its business of serving you, the member

Who Can Vote

  • District executive members
  • Club presidents and club vice presidents education
  • An active member of a club who has been assigned a proxy

Your Club’s Vote Counts

  • Each club has 2 votes.  These are sent from the district director, 30 days before the Business Meeting, to the president and vice president education.
  • These votes can be assigned by PROXY to any active member who plans to attend the General Business Meeting in person and vote.
  • One active member may carry both votes for the club.

Voting Proxies

  • To assign a proxy, click the images below.
  • President and VP education complete their form and assign their proxies to an active member who will check into the credentials desk, get the ballots and vote at the General Business Meeting.

Proxy Form

 Speaking of Voting…

Have you considered running for district office? The opportunity to learn and to serve as a district officer is an amazing experience and challenge. Are you up for it?

DEADLINE for applications is December 15th send to Leadership Committee Chair Rodger Cota, DTM/PDG  at rcotacat@gmail.com

  1. Call for Nominations: District Leader Qualifications And Responsibilities
  2. Candidate Application Form
  3. District Leader Nominating Form
  4. Officer Agreement and Release Statement


As the district’s chief executive officer, direct the district in a way which fosters strong clubs; produces maximum growth in education completions, clubs and membership; and be consistent with the interests of members of Toastmasters International. Motivate the district to achieve Distinguished recognition. Achieve the mission of the district in a manner that motivates volunteer leaders and promotes a standard of excellence in all district activities. Qualifications At the time of taking office, the district director shall have served at least six consecutive months as a club president and at least 12 consecutive months as a program quality director, club growth director or division director or a combination thereof.


Under the guidance of the district director, strive to have every club and each member reap the benefits of Toastmasters and to have every club become Distinguished. Provides direction and counsel to division directors, area directors, and club officers on the educational opportunities in Toastmasters. Design and conduct successful district training programs, conferences, and other district educational events. Qualifications At the time of taking office, the program quality director shall have served at least six consecutive months as a club president and at least 12 consecutive months as a program quality director, club growth director or division director or an area director or a combination thereof.


Under guidance of the district director, make the benefits of Toastmasters membership available to greater numbers of people. Plan, develop, implement, and direct district marketing objectives. Develop and direct programs for new club development, club rescue efforts, club membership promotion, and membership retention. Achieve Distinguished District goals for membership and club growth. Promote standards of service to the member and to the club. Qualifications At the time of taking office, the club growth director shall have served at least six consecutive months as a club president and at least 12 consecutive months as a program quality director, a club growth director or division director, area director or a combination thereof.


Achieve the mission of the district within the division, accomplishing district goals in membership building and retention, club extension, and educational accomplishments. Ensure that each club realizes its mission and fulfills its responsibilities to members. Achieve Distinguished Division Program goals and ensure that areas and clubs within the division achieve Distinguished recognition. Serve the division clubs by providing district support and resources through the area directors. Qualifications At the time of taking office, the division director shall have served at least six consecutive months as a member of a district council.


The following positions are either elected or appointed by the district director:


Provide district contact, support, and assistance to the club so that it may achieve the club mission and fulfill its responsibilities to members. Help clubs by keeping in regular contact with club presidents in the area and by visiting each club at least twice during the year. Achieve Distinguished Area Program goals and ensure that each area club is Distinguished. Qualifications At the time of taking office, insofar as practicable, the area directors shall have served as members of a district council.


Help the district function effectively and achieve its mission by recording and maintaining accurate minutes of district council, executive committee, and other meetings. Serve as upholder of the District Administrative Bylaws and policies. Qualifications At the time of taking office, the administration manager should be a reliable, prompt, well-organized Toastmaster who can accurately record meeting actions, has access to a personal computer and is able to reproduce materials.


Establish and maintain effective fiscal management of the district. Promote the growth of Toastmasters by providing sound fiscal guidance to the district. Produce monthly reports reflecting the district’s financial status, and ensure that expenditures remain within the budget approved by the district council. Ensure that the district maintains the financial controls established by Toastmasters International. Qualifications At the time of taking office, the finance manager should have accounting experience and understand basic bookkeeping practices.


Work under the direction of the district director. Help maintain communication between the district and its members and work to increase public awareness of Toastmasters International through the media. Prepare a public relations program designed to achieve goals for membership growth, club growth, and educational achievements in clubs and achievement in the Distinguished Club Program. Promote district conferences and leadership training opportunities within the district. Qualifications At the time of taking office, the public relations manager should possess experience in and core understanding of public relations

Latest TI News


Meeting Minutes

To read about the recent actions of the Board of Directors, please visit the meeting minutes page.

Online Clubs Connect Members Remotely

Toastmasters International is now accepting online clubs. New clubs can charter as an online club effective March 22, 2016 (see the meeting minutes for details). These clubs will:

  • Meet online
  • Be undistricted
  • Independently determine their preferred technology platform and be responsible for ensuring access for members, at the club’s expense

Online club members will have the opportunity to practice personal and professional online video communication skills through the use of technology in a safe and comfortable environment. In an online club, you can:

  • Be located anywhere
  • Connect and network with other members through the use of technology

Additional information regarding online clubs can be found in theFAQs, Things to Consider Before Starting an Online Club, and theProtocol Modifications document.

Dues Increase Effective October 1, 2016

By every measure, Toastmasters International is at the most successful point in our 92-year history. Membership is the highest it’s ever been—more than 330,000 individuals currently participate—and members receive the most comprehensive and high-quality service the organization has ever offered.

To sustain this success we must continue to improve and modernize the member experience. This involves taking the necessary steps to meet your needs, enhance the organization’s efforts related to club excellence and bolster member engagement and achievement.

To achieve these objectives, we must invest in the initiatives laid out in the Board of Directors’ 2015 Strategic Plan. These initiatives include upgrading our infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing organization, revitalizing our education program and expanding our technology; particularly our digital offerings.

Although the organization is financially strong, these investments in our future are forecasted to increase annual expenses over annual revenues. The Board of Directors, acting to ensure the organization’s ongoing financial health as well as the highest quality in member services and support, made the decision to increase membership dues. Beginning in October 2016, individual members’ dues will increase to US $45.00 each semiannual period. This is equivalent to US $7.50 per month.

Toastmasters continues to be the best value in communication and leadership development you can find. The benefits of this increased funding will enhance the member experience for years to come and empower current and future members to achieve their personal and professional goals.

For more information, please visit the Dues Increase FAQ.