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Shar McBee is an active member of Fox Talkz Toastmasters, mentoring many members including our current president Lisa Olivis.  And for good reason:  Shar turned her volunteer leadership experience into a successful career as a keynote speaker.

Before her very first keynote at an international convention, Shar practiced each piece of the speech in separate 5 – 7 minute Toastmaster speeches.  Her first book, To Lead is to Serve, helped her get speaking engagements, and the speeches helped her sell books.  President George W. Bush called the book “profound.”

Currently, Shar is launching a new workshop, “Leadership & Yoga” and, again, she’s practicing the workshop material in small pieces at Toastmasters.  Kudos Shar!  We are proud to have you as a member of Fox Talkz.

Matthew Robinson, VPPR of Fox Talks

Check out Shar in the September Issue of the Toastmasters International Magazine

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  1. Does your club accept guest speakers? If so, I would love to share “Leadership training with a yoga twist.”
    It’s about how to use opposition to move forward in your career.
    Thanks. Contact me.

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