Pathways Project Description Reference Guide

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Active Listening This project covers the difference between hearing and listening, and steps for exploring the ways listening helps build strong, lasting connections.
Advanced Mentoring This project is designed to support you as you accomplish a six-month term as a mentor.
Building a Social Media Presence This project addresses how best to use different types of online communication. You will create and maintain an online profile to promote yourself or an organization.
Communicate Change This project focuses on creating a communication plan by gathering evidence to support the need for change and communicating change with your audience.
Connect with Storytelling This project addresses storytelling techniques and descriptive skills to help make every speech relatable and interesting.
Connect with Your Audience This project focuses on different audience types and how to address them effectively.
Create a Podcast This project addresses the skills you need to develop a podcast, create interesting content and organize a cohesive program. You will learn how to record and upload it to the internet.
Creating Effective Visual Aids This project addresses effective methods for choosing the best visual aid for your presentation along with the creation and use of each type.
Cross-Cultural Understanding This project focuses on understanding the cultures with which you identify and the impact of stereotypes associated with your cultures and others.
Deliver Social Speeches This project addresses the skills needed to compose a speech for a social occasion including a toast, eulogy, an acceptance speech and a speech praising an individual or group.
Develop a Communication Plan This project focuses on how to formulate a central message and develop a communication plan for a target audience.
Develop Your Vision This project focuses on developing a vision for your work or personal life.
Distinguished Toastmaster This project is designed to give you opportunity to design and fulfill a multifaceted project on your way to achieving your Distinguished Toastmaster award.
Effective Body Language This project focuses on how to recognize body language used when speaking publicly and how to use gestures to enhance speech content
Ethical Leadership This project addresses the importance of recognizing the effect of decisions that impact ethics, best practices for making ethical decisions and developing an ethical framework.
Evaluation and Feedback This project addresses the skills needed to give and receive feedback. You will learn about giving, receiving and applying feedback
Focus on the Positive This project addresses strategies for improving your personal interactions by understanding the impact of your attitudes and thoughts on daily interactions.
High Performance Leadership The focus of this project is to design and complete a project with well-defined goals, lead a team and be accountable to a guidance committee.
Ice Breaker This foundational project is designed to introduce you to your club and the skills you need to begin your Toastmasters journey.
Improvement Through Positive Coaching This project focuses on how your actions can positively affect others and how to nurture relationships and assist an individual in reaching a goal.
Inspire Your Audience This project addresses how to present a speech in an enthusiastic and inspiring fashion to establish a strong rapport with your audience.
Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring This project introduces the value of mentorship and the Toastmasters view of mentors and protégés
Lead in Any Situation This project focuses on leadership and recognizing the need to adapt your style based on the situation and the people you lead.
Leading in Difficult Situations This project focuses on the fundamentals of managing challenges, analyzing difficult situations and identifying best strategies for overcoming adversity.
Leading in Your Volunteer Organization This project focuses on the skills required to lead in a volunteer organization and the importance of recognition and reward in motivating volunteers.
Leading Your Team This project is designed to help you accomplish a task while leading a small group and give you the opportunity to practice basic skills of leadership.
Lessons Learned This project addresses how to identify the discussion points of a large group meeting, encourage a culture of contribution and voicing opinions, and facilitate productive discussion that yields results.
Make Connections Through Networking This project focuses on how to network effectively and understanding the importance of being a professional ally to people in your network.
Manage Change This project focuses on how to plan for change, develop a communication plan, and identify obstacles to success
Manage Online Meetings This project addresses how to effectively conduct online meetings and webinars, prepare and organize necessary visual aids, and lead with confidence.
Manage Projects Successfully This project focuses on skills needed to effectively manage a project, develop rapport with stakeholders and cultivate strong relationships with a team.
Manage Successful Events This project is designed to give you tools to coordinate an event. It includes steps for managing the unexpected, leading a team and creating positive outcomes.
Managing a Difficult Audience This project covers common behaviors of difficult audience members and how to address each behavior in a calm, effective and professional way
Managing Time This project is designed to help you manage your time, discover time management techniques, and employ them in your speeches and daily life.
Mentoring This project focuses on facilitating a short-term mentoring assignment to help you build your skills as a mentor.
Moderate a Panel Discussion This project addresses the skills needed to successfully moderate a panel discussion and how to be an effective participant on a panel.
Motivate Others This project focuses on how people are motivated. It is designed to help you build your leadership skills by effectively motivating team members.
Negotiate the Best Outcome This project focuses on identifying negotiation styles, engaging in mutually beneficial discussions, and finding and building common ground.
Persuasive Speaking This project focuses on helping you to develop and support a viewpoint, and identify the most appropriate type of
persuasive speech for your topic.
Planning and Implementing This project is designed to help you develop realistic plans to meet your objectives and to successfully monitor a project to completion.
Prepare for an Interview This project addresses the skills you need to identify and speak about personal strengths and present yourself well in an interview of any type.
Prepare to Mentor This project focuses on helping you clarify your personal goals and interests as they relate to mentoring others.
Prepare to Speak Professionally This project is designed to help you define the attributes of professional speakers and apply that understanding to your own skills as a speaker
Present a Proposal This project introduces how to select key information to present in a proposal to build a case with supporting
evidence and realistic solutions.
Public Relations Strategies This project focuses on how to promote awareness of an organization, formulate a public relations strategy and use various public relations tactics.
Question-and-Answer Session This project addresses how to prepare to answer questions and provide information clearly, concisely and with confidence
Reaching Consensus This project focuses on reaching consensus and the importance of including all group members in the decisionmaking
Reflect on Your Path This project is designed to give you an opportunity to share your experience at the end of your path.
Researching and Presenting This project addresses topic selection strategies, suggestions for research and methods for producing a wellorganized speech.
Successful Collaboration The focus of this project is the benefit of collaboration, building an environment of trust, and encouraging creative debate within a group.
Team Building This project addresses the benefits of team building. It is designed to help you build a sense of collaboration and
trust within a team completing a project.
Understanding Conflict Resolution This project is designed to introduce conflict resolution strategies and provide an opportunity to resolve a conflict scenario within an interactive activity.
Understanding Emotional Intelligence This project addresses elements of emotional intelligence. It is designed to help you understand your own emotions and the emotions of others.
Understanding Vocal Variety This project addresses the importance of vocal variety when giving a speech and provides activities to develop and nurture its use.
Understanding Your Communication Style This project focuses on recognizing your preferred communication style and understanding how your style impacts your interactions with others.
Understanding Your Leadership Style This project is designed to introduce the different styles of leadership and help you identify your preferred style.
Using Descriptive Language This project addresses the difference between literal and figurative language along with how to determine when to use each to create vivid descriptions.
Using Presentation Software This project addresses the use of presentation software—from identifying topics that benefit from the use of
technology to effective slide design and presentation.
Write a Compelling Blog This project addresses the basics of developing a compelling blog and successfully engaging a readership.
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