New Club Mentor & Sponsor Training

Are you on the Path to your DTM?

Serving as a New Club Mentor or New Club sponsor is one of the most rewarding experiences in District Leadership. It is also required to achieve your DTM. Learn what it takes to be a new Club Mentor or Sponsor.

Location: LAPD Ahmanson Training Center, Room 126

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5651 West Manchester Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045

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  1. I am willing to attend either/both session to see if there is anything I can use to build a club. I have a location, that is large, quiet, safe and in a good location, with parking in park off the street. It is located in Gardena, 90247.

    I first joined Toastmasters Club: Gardena Evening 861 in 1965 when I was 20 and a year too young. I am now disabled, and my old clubs no longer exists or exists as had been. I quit working in Dec. 1972, for a 40 hour employer. I found, “Going to work, ruins your whole day and night.” I have saved the life of two children and one senior at different times. I have traveled and visited Toastmasters clubs. I have had friends who have become International directors of TI. I was friends with a Toastmaster in his end years who had and International TI award in his name.

    Yes, Dr. Smedley was alive when I started. I was a college student. I found sending out a thousand resumes for one interview is a fool’s journey. I found how to find Mr./Ms. Big and get introductions gets you in the executive door. For a while we may become that Mr./Ms. Big, and pass on the open door advantage! I went from business writing to script writing for Hollywood. I intend to train youth with talent and desire to grow into good to great creators of movies. I do not compete but I can lead. If TI can offer help to me, I will be grateful.

    Our first feature will be a……21st Century, coming of age, Cowboys and Indians movie. Forbes Magazine should want to produce it. It slaughter’s their cash cow, their 400 richest list. Included is a family with north of $10 trillion in mega wealth. Infants are barred for flying in G650 ER business jets but 787 Dream Liners with operating surgery room, pediatric surgeon, & ER nurses to prevent ‘Sudden Death Syndrome’. Those who have mega wealth, carry a burden to promote ‘social justice, social solutions, and peace in their time’.

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