District 1 Business Meeting

Call to Council – Second Notice

To:  District Steering Committee, Area Directors, Club Presidents, Club Vice Presidents of Education,

Your presence is needed at our Fall Business Meeting on Saturday, September 29, 2018.  This meeting will be District 1’s first virtual business meeting and it is critical for you to be present and vote on five items.  All Club Presidents and VPEs, District Steering Committee members, and Area Directors need to be present at the beginning of the virtual session.  No proxy can be accepted on your behalf.  Your attendance is of great importance in order to conduct business as we must reach the required number of officers to have a quorum.

Attendance at the Business Meeting is FREE.  Since it is virtual, you can attend via your computer or via phone.   Below is the agenda including the five items that need to be approved by the District Council.

Scheduled Call to Order:  9 am.
District 1 Business Meeting from 9 – 10:30 am (may end earlier based on discussion and voting)

Agenda Items
State of District Address and reports from Steering Committee members.

  • Ratification of appointed 2018-2019 District Officers
  • Approval of the 2018 Spring Business Meeting Minutes
  • Approval of the District 1 Alignment including recently added new clubs
  • Adoption of 2018-2019 District 1 Budget
  • Adoption of the 2017-2018 Audit

All of the reports are attached in Delegates Packet as required by Toastmasters International two weeks prior to the Business meeting.  To make the best use of our time at this virtual meeting, we ask that you review documents early in Delegates Packet.

Any questions regarding the Delegates Packet, must be submitted in writing to info@district1toastmasters.org, no later than September 22.

Please note: Questions not submitted in writing prior to this deadline will not be discussed at the business meeting. 

If you are not familiar with being a participant in a virtual meeting, we have scheduled nine online training sessions in September so all Presidents and VPE’s and other leaders can be ready to attend this business meeting virtual session.  Check the District 1 Event Calendar to obtain additional information and instruction if necessary or check out the 1 minute videos from Zoom below.

Video: How to Join a Meeting
Video: Configuring Audio and Video. 

On September 29th log into www.zoom.us, then select JOIN A MEETING,then enter the meeting ID provided to you in advance of this meeting.  This ID will be a 9, 10, or 11-digit number.

Thank you in advance.  We are excited that we will be the pioneers of this way of doing business.  The entire world of Toastmasters leaders will be conducting their Fall business meetings in this format.

Evelyn Woolridge, DTM
District 1 Director 2018-2019
“Speak, Lead, and Serve as ONE TEAM

Again, please check the following videos prior to the meeting so that you can be on time!

How to Join A Meeting

Configuring Audio and Video

Here is a some more information on joining and using ZOOM:
Click for Instructions

How to Join the Webinar

Meeting ID: 646 712 1135
Log into: www.zoom.us
Then select JOIN A MEETING, then enter the meeting ID

If you have any questions

Contact ~ Keith Jackson, DTM at keith.jackson@district1toastmasters.org

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