What’s in store for you this year at the District One Speakers Bureau?

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What is the District One Speakers Bureau?

The mission of the District One Speakers Bureau is to connect our Qualified Speakers (QS) with speaking engagements that add value to the community, promote Toastmasters, and advance their speaking career.

We support the community by providing outstanding speakers for local businesses and organizations. At the same time, our Qualified Speakers get the opportunity to showcase the presentation skills they’ve developed through their extensive Toastmasters training.

This year we are honoring the wonderful benefits the previous chairs have brought to the bureau and bringing back some older traditions like video of your audition.  We are also adding some new flavor with technology, QS focused engagement and opportunities, and affiliate collaborations with the National Speakers Association (NSA).

This year’s chair is a familiar face in District One.  Leslie Pogue, ACS/CL has led break out sessions at several TLI events in the past, was one of the first D1 Ted X Talk speakers, and was a President’s Distinguished Area Governor for the 2013-2014 term among other contributions to the district.

Leslie Pogue is Chief Happy Officer of LP Speak and a promoter for mental wellness and easy problem solving for individuals and organizations using her Habit of H.A.P.P.Y. method.  She holds a degree in Organizational Psychology and is a professional member of the National Speakers Association (NSA).  Leslie is author of 28 Days to Happy and The Positive Side of the Bad Stuff.  To her credit, she is a contributing columnist to E Magazine and author of several articles that focus on soft skills to drive professional development and champion surviving depression and anxiety for professionals and others.

“My main hope for this year as Chair of the D1 Speakers Bureau is to restore the excitement and trust with the previous Qualified Speakers and groom a new group of Qualified Speakers to represent the D1 Speakers Bureau in the community and help them take the next steps to grow their own speaking business – whatever that is for them.”

Be sure to visit the D1 Speakers Bureau for our first meeting of the new term, this Thursday, July 26th and every 4th Thursday at the Westchester Recreation Center.  Located at 7166 Manchester Ave, Los Angeles, CA  90045 at 7:00pm (networking begins at 6:45pm)