Club Ambassador Program

The Club Ambassador Program (CAP) is an innovative educational program that offers benefits for all those involved — the ambassadors who visit clubs, the clubs which are visited, the home clubs of the ambassadors, and our district as a whole.

Visiting other clubs helps members grow by moving them out of their comfort zones. In addition, it’s an opportunity to see how other clubs function. You can help your club by bringing new ideas learned from other clubs to your home club and helping it flourish. Our District benefits when members go outside their clubs, learning, adapting, and soon filling leadership roles in the district.

How does CAP work?

As ambassador, you choose the club you want to visit. Many clubs offer open houses or speaking events: see the district calendar. You can also use the Ambassador program to complete an educational or leadership goal, practice for an upcoming contest, or just indulge simple curiosity. ALWAYS contact the club beforehand and let them know you are coming.

What should you do when you visit a club? Perform a role, either speaking or functionary, or just be a guest.

After your visit, fill out the CAP Visit form.

The more clubs you visit, the more you add to the body of knowledge that helps everyone in our District, both members and clubs, grow to their full potential.