The Power of Ideas: Building Your Thinking Power Workshop

The Officers’ Club of District ONE’s

‘The Power of Ideas: Building Your Thinking Power’ Workshop

 Tuesday, May 26, 2020

 The Power of Ideas workshop will show you the impact of innovative thinking and how to better harness your idea generating power and that of groups. This program will clarify the basic principles of creative thinking and explore specific techniques that can make all of us more effective idea producers.

If you have ever wanted to:

– Overcome mental blocks when coming up with new ideas

– Develop better brainstorming techniques

– Be a better problem solver

– Become a more skilled thinker

This workshop is for you!

This meeting will be conducted virtually through Zoom.US.

Contact Vice President of Education Michelle King, DTM

to request a link to be able to join the meeting!


6:45 pm – 8:45 pm

For more information:

Michelle King, DTM (562) 577-1541 

The Officers’ Club of District ONE is an Advanced Club

dedicated to the growth and development of all Toastmasters members.

Power of Ideas Workshop – Flyer