Candidates’ Corner 2021

The District Leadership Committee has announced Nominated Candidates for the 2021-2022 Toastmasters year, July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. Leadership roles are elected by majority vote at the District Council Annual Meeting, to be held during the Spring Conference on May 15, 2021. District 1 Toastmasters has nine elected leadership roles: District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, and six Division Directors. All candidates for elected positions attended an interview conducted by the District Leadership Committee. For details about the nomination and election process, visit

Below are statements from each Nominated Candidate. Also, mark your calendar for the Candidate Showcase event, on Friday, May 14, 2021.


Diane MarkhamDiane Markham, DTM
Nominated Candidate for District Director
District 1 Toastmasters, 2021-2022

Diane Markham is a candidate for District Director, 2021-2022. She joined Deluxe Toastmasters in June 2012. Shortly thereafter, in January 2013, she joined Praisemasters where in 2014-2015 she served as President. It was at this time she decided to expand her vision and opted to pursue a leadership path. In 2014-2015, she served as Area F Governor. In 2015-2016, she served as Division F Director where she and her team led Division F to President’s Distinguished. At the end of her term, Diane was named Division F Director of the Year. She served a second term from 2018-2019 as President of Praisemasters, a club that has been President’s Distinguished for over 13 years.

In July 2018, Diane retired from the work world after having worked in the legal profession and the healthcare industry for 50 years. It was at this time she was asked to serve as Club Extension Chair by incoming 2018-2019 Club Growth Director Brad Stauffer. There she helped the team to build 13 new clubs. Then, in July 2019, Diane was elected Club Growth Director where she and her team built three clubs and helped transition clubs to virtual meetings. This year, in her role as Program Quality Director, she has created training and education for our members to include Pathways, New Member Orientation and Club Officer Training.

Diane’s vision includes working in collaboration with the Program Quality Director, the Club Growth Director, and the District Executive team to achieve the District Mission. This can be accomplished by ensuring that clubs are of the highest caliber and they are having quality meetings. It would be her goal for every member to understand how Toastmasters can change their lives in a positive way.


Keith JacksonKeith Jackson, DTM
Nominated Candidate for Program Quality Director
District 1 Toastmasters, 2021-2022

Keith Jackson, current Club Growth Director, is the nominated candidate for Program Quality Director, 2021-2022. After joining Toastmasters in 2005, as President he led Refined Speakers and Business Trainers to President’s Distinguished. Professionally, Keith is the founding CEO of ETEC Consulting Group LLC, a 26-year international Operational Risk Management and Engineering consultancy. His professional experience, education, and creativity, coupled with his broad experience in Toastmasters, has prepared Keith for the future.

Keith has committed to Toastmasters Leadership since early in his journey. He has taken on the most challenging roles, including: Spring Conference Co-Chair (2x) and served as chair of Hall of Fame, Ad Sales, Corporate Sponsorship, and Opportunity Drawings. He also served as TLI Advanced Training Lead (2x), and Special Projects Chair for the first Virtual Fall Business Meeting.

Keith has been recognized by District leaders by being honored as the sixth recipient of the Lydia Boyd Communications and Leadership Award in 2020, the Roy D. Graham Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017, and 2011 Division Governor of the Year.

“As Program Quality Director, I will focus on helping Clubs to achieve excellence, and members to accomplish their goals through outstanding programming. As Club Growth Director I have seen many pockets of excellence. We will model and share those best practices throughout the District and continue building District 1 into a powerhouse in the Region and the worldwide Toastmasters community.”


Janell Carla WilliamsJanell Carla Williams, DTM
Nominated Candidate for Program Quality Director
District 1 Toastmasters
, 2021-2022

It is my honor to be a nominated candidate for Program Quality Director. Aa two-time DTM (Legacy & Pathways), I currently serve as the Public Relations Manager, G-Suite Administrator, and Zoom Master for District 1 and Region 2.

As a charter member of Talk Nation, I joined Toastmasters embracing leadership by serving in every club officer role. During my tenure I have had the privilege to serve as a Judge, Club Coach, Club Mentor, Youth Leadership Coordinator, Distinguished Area Director, and Division Director, awarded Division Director of the Year. While serving in leadership, I have had the opportunity to chair and volunteer on many committees to support our district. During the pandemic, I was instrumental in the transition to virtual experiences, and continue to serve as a consultant for others in District 1 and beyond.

I have spent 25+ years in the Ticketing/Technology industry at Ticketmaster/Live Nation Entertainment working with and leading international teams as contributor and manager utilizing Agile & Scrum methodologies.

As your next Program Quality Director, I promise to invest in your growth through our educational program, supporting every member and club to be successful. I will work with our District Director & Club Growth Director to refresh and invigorate our training and learning opportunities to ensure our members’ needs are met.

I humbly ask for your vote for Program Quality Director, on May 15, 2021. Let’s embark on new pathways as we Learn and Grow Together!
Vote Janell Carla Williams, DTM, for 2021-2022 Program Quality Director!


Jijo JohnJijo John, DTM
Nominated Candidate for Club Growth Director
District 1 Toastmasters, 2021-2022

I am privileged to be a nominated candidate for Club Growth Director. I started my Toastmasters journey in February 2017, when a new club was started at my work, Infineon Technologies in El Segundo. I joined as a charter member, and soon, started serving in officer roles. I have served as Vice President Education, Secretary, and Treasurer. In 2019, I served as the President and led our club to be President’s Distinguished.

I served as an Area Director in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. Currently, I am serving as Division C Director. Under my leadership, Division C has achieved 100 % officers trained. I was a Club Coach in 2019 and led the club to be Distinguished. I continue to be a Club Coach for other clubs.

Given the opportunity to serve as the Club Growth Director, I will strive to bring value and excellence to District 1. I will focus on strengthening and uplifting weak clubs while focusing on building new strong and lasting clubs. My faith and passion will enable me to face challenges and pursue excellence. I will uphold the District Mission “We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.”

I humbly request your vote and continued support for Jijo John as Club Growth Director.


Lucas StidhamLucas Stidham, DL5, EH5, MS3, EC3, PI3
Nominated Candidate for Club Growth Director
District 1 Toastmasters, 2021-2022

Lucas has been a coach and educator for over 20 years. He started his career as a public-school music teacher and has since focused his career on the Learning and Development profession. Lucas is currently the Director of Learning and Development for Living Spaces where he develops, designs, and delivers innovative training programs at all levels.
Lucas joined Speak Out! Toastmasters in June of 2019. He was elected Vice President of Education focusing Pathways completion and adoption to help Speak Out! earn President’s Distinguished status. Lucas is currently serving as President of Speak Out! In January of 2020, Lucas sponsored and was elected Charter President of Living Spaces Toastmasters in District 100 which became Select Distinguished in only five months. In June 2020, Lucas was appointed to serve as an Area Director in both District 1 and District 100.

Lucas is a champion of club growth. In August 2020, he helped charter Rainbow Toastmasters Club, the only online LGBT+ club in the world. In November 2020, he sponsored and mentored Whiskey Masters of Long Beach. He is currently supporting the launch of Dungeons & Toast club in District 100. Lucas will help the district transition to a new hybrid environment by:

  • Developing a strategy to encourage a strong online presence for all clubs.
  • Boosting social media and digital marketing skills of members who show interest.
  • Assisting all Treasurers in establishing online dues collection methods.
  • Identifying two solid new club leads per Area.
  • Certifying two Club Coaches, Mentors, and Sponsors per Area.


Cynthia MooreCynthia Moore, DTM
Nominated Candidate for Division A Director
District 1 Toastmasters, 2021-2022

My Toastmasters’ journey started as a charter member of JusticeMasters in 2013. A year later, I co-founded, sponsored, and have consistently led Divapreneurs to become a President’s Distinguished Club. During the past eight years, I embraced the speaking and leadership areas by setting goals and earning the Distinguished Toastmasters Award.

As a Division Director, I will propel Division A to be President’s Distinguished with the leadership experience and skills I gained as a past Area Governor, Area Director, Club President, VP of Education, VP of Public Relations, Contest Chair, and other roles in my clubs and the District.

What will the Toastmasters year 2021-2022 look like for Division A? My vision is to help the leadership of the Area Directors support clubs to achieve Distinguished club status, creating a simplistic communication plan and facilitating a Pathways training system for new and existing members to excel. As a corporate trainer, Realtor, and Distinguished Toastmaster, I will help you improve your Toastmasters experience and make your clubs thrive.

We will adhere to the motto, “Speak, Lead and Serve” in the Division, so members will get the full Toastmasters experience.
I ascribe to Helen Blanchard, the first female accepted into Toastmasters, quote, “If you get all there is to get out of Toastmasters, you’ll never get out of Toastmasters.”

Cynthia Moore, DTM, Division A Director, Nominated Candidate, 2021-2022


Daniel BarerDaniel Barer, ALG, CL
Nominated Candidate for Division B Director
District 1 Toastmasters, 2021-2022

In the Toastmasters world, I’ve been a proud member of Century City Toastmasters for over 20 years (21 come July), and a more recent member of Whisky Masters of Long Beach. I’m currently the Area B2 Director, and a Club Sponsor of Entrepreneurs Toastmasters. I’ve been working with the clubs in my Area (including my home club of CCTM) to help them weather the membership drop-offs of the virtual era, and to take advantage of the benefits of using the online platform. I’ve just worked with Vicky Trabosh, Contest Chair, to produce the Area B1/B2 Contest.

In the non-Toastmasters world, I’ve been practicing law for 31 years, and am a partner in Pollak, Vida & Barer. I’m a Certified Appellate Specialist. I regularly use the speaking and leadership lessons Toastmasters taught me in speaking to courts, clients, and co-workers.

If elected, I will follow the example set by the current Division B director and work with the Area Directors to leverage the advantages of the online world and keep enthusiasm in Toastmasters strong.


Alan ShinkmanAlan Shinkman, CL
Nominated Candidate for Division B Director
District 1 Toastmasters, 2021-2022

I am honored to be a Nominated Candidate for Division B Director. My Toastmasters experience includes being a Toastmasters member since the mid-1980s, VP Education, Santa Rosa Toastmasters, 2001-2002; President, Vegan Toastmasters, 2019-2020, and Secretary, Professional Women Toastmasters, 2014-2015. I have been co-chair for three club contests and two Area contests. I was Area A6 Director, 2018-2019 and Area C4 Director, 2019-2020.

I am an engineer and I worked at NASA in Houston, Texas, as a Space Shuttle Flight Controller. I am also a filmmaker and an actor, director, writer, and producer, focusing on non-violent material only.

I want to be a district officer in the role of Division Director to help all the members of my division to feel comfortable in their journeys of self-discovery as a speaker and/or officer. I see Toastmasters as an antidote to a social world that challenges people to feel acceptable. In Toastmasters, new and old members are always home no matter which club they are at. The major objectives of the district are to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where all its members can take on responsibilities that provide for maximum personal growth.

I fully support the District 1 Mission of building new clubs and supporting all clubs in achieving excellence. I am Alan Shinkman, and I humbly and respectfully request your vote for Division B Director, 2021-2022 on May 15, 2021.


Patrick Juma OwinoPatrick Juma Owino, MBA, VC5
Nominated Candidate for Division C Director
District 1 Toastmasters, 2021-2022

Patrick Juma Owino joined Toastmasters on February 1, 2018, to become confident in public speaking. In 2019, he joined Camera Ready Toastmasters as a charter member to become confident on camera. His candidacy for Division C Director is about clubs challenging their members to be confident speakers and leaders. Since joining Toastmasters, Patrick has served in various leadership positions, and he is now serving as Camera Ready’s Club President. He is proud that his club has 100% Pathway’s adoption.

Patrick is also currently serving as Area C2 Director, which has achieved 86% Pathways adoption to date. He believes that Pathways, with the 300 competencies, allows a committed member to get more value out of their Toastmasters experience.
As Division C Director, Patrick’s three primary goals are:
  1. To work with Clubs to encourage members to courageously adopt pathways.
  2. To challenge members to be committed participants in Toastmasters.
  3. To help Clubs grow to the next level.
This way, members will have the confidence to live beyond just being a member. They will have courage to speak and lead in clubs and outside. As a business leader with more than two decades leading successful teams, Patrick will work with each club to achieve excellence.

Patrick is looking forward to leading Division C to Distinguished or better and help each member truly live life with Confidence. Vote Patrick Juma Owino!


Daisy LiDaisy Li, DTM
Nominated Candidate for Division D Director
District 1 Toastmasters, 2021-2022

I started my Toastmasters journey in 2015, earned my first DTM in 2020, and intend to earn my second DTM in 2021. I began club leadership in 2016, served as Herbalife Toastmasters Club President during 2017-2018, and led it to become a President’s Distinguished club. Since then, the club has been maintaining the high achievement momentum, and I continue to serve on the leadership board.

I am currently serving as Area D4 Director, Yusen Transformers’ Club Mentor, and the Youth Gavel Club Counselor. I also worked as the Area E2 Director during 2018-2019 and was a successful Club Coach in 2018-2020. I am a Youth Leadership Program Coordinator, as I believe in planting the seeds to cultivate the next Toastmasters generation.

I know some of us need a little push and inspiration at the beginning just like me. Here I come…
As a servant leader, I always “aim high and deliver” with teamwork, by utilizing the critical thinking and organizing skills gained from my professional IT position, and with the management foundation acquired from my MBA education. Most importantly, I use my Toastmasters’ leadership practice and achievements during the past six years. I am very confident and ready to serve at the Division level, to work with the leadership teams, the clubs, and the individuals, to EXCEL, INSPIRE and discover each of our potential, and achieve EXCELLENCE.

I respectfully ask you to VOTE for me as the next Division D Director!


Robin CashRobin Cash, TC5
Nominated Candidate for Division E Director
District 1 Toastmasters, 2021-2022

Robin Cash graduated in 1996 from El Camino College with an A.S. degree in Electronics and went to California State University, Long Beach, where she received a B.S. in Engineering Technology in 2000. It was during her time at CSULB that Robin became aware of Toastmasters even though she did not join until 2016. Her role of VPPR for years in her club has been rewarding. During the 2020-2021 Toastmasters year, she leaped at the opportunity to be an Area Director.
A major lesson she has learned from previous leadership positions is that everyone has different learning styles and specialties. Being able to discern personalities and combinations that work together better, is a mark of a good leader. One of her assets is the ability to encourage people to reach their goals.

Her present occupation as Coordinator in a Computer Lab, while completing the Leadership Development and Team Collaboration Paths, laid the groundwork to seek another position in Toastmasters. As a Division leader, she will be focused on achieving the mission of the District goals in building membership and fulfilling responsibilities to the members. The combination of her education, technological background, energizing personality, and skills developed in Toastmasters will empower her as Division E Director to train officers and interact with the Area Directors to have successful clubs excel even more!


Anthony PennAnthony Penn, DTM
Nominated Candidate for Division F Director
District 1 Toastmasters, 2021-2022

Service is its own reward. A key to happiness can be found in helping others. I am the Reverend Captain Anthony Penn, DTM (2). I am an Assistant Pastor with my church and a retired Fire Captain. I am in my 11th year as a member of Toastmasters International.

To be a Division Director is an honor, and a privilege. Loving Toastmasters is easy because my life is richer because of my Toastmaster experiences. I find myself living the quote, “If you get all there is to get out of Toastmasters, you will never get out of Toastmasters.” We (Toastmasters) truly make a difference in people’s lives.

Helping our members become their best self is my first goal. Helping District 1 become the #1 District in the world will be my second goal. And, helping to maintain the brand of Toastmasters as the #1 Speaking and Leadership development organization in the world will be my third goal.

I have served in numerous positions: Area E5 Governor, Area F2 Governor, Co-Chair Toastmasters Leadership Institute, New Community Clubs Chair, Club Coach, Club Sponsor, Area Chief Judge, Division Chief Judge, Club President, Vice President Education, Vice President Public Relations, Vice President Membership, Secretary and Treasurer.

Having served on the Board of Managers for the Crenshaw Family and 28th Street YMCA’s for 25 years and having retired as a Fire Captain with the Los Angeles County Fire Department after 33years of service, I bring a plethora of leadership experience to my desired position as your next Division F Director.

I hope to earn your VOTE, your TRUST, and your PARTICIPATION!