District Executive Committee

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District Director, District 1 ~ Jessica Allen, DTM

Program Quality Director District 1 ~ Julie Broady, DTM

Club Growth Director District 1 ~ Evelyn Woolridge, DTM

Public Relations Manager 1 ~ Michelle Darlington, ACB, CL

Administration –  Administration Manager, Finance Manager, Logistics Manager, Parliamentarian, Webmaster

2016-2017 Division Directors

As division directors, their job is to lead and support the division through the supervision and support of the area directors. One of your primary goals as division director is to ensure that each club achieves its mission and fulfills its responsibilities to its members. To achieve this, you coordinate division activities, set division goals, and assist in the training of area and club leaders. To serve as division director, you must have served at least six consecutive months as a member of a district council. The division director may be re-elected to one succeeding term.

 kai-chan  brad-stauffer  angela-adams  yuko-oshimo  richardcarbajal  michael-jones
Division A Division B Division C Division D Division E Division F
Kai Chan Brad Stauffer Angela Adams Yuko Oshimo Richard Carbajal Michael Jones

2016-2017  Area Directors

As area director, these fine leaders serve as the direct liaison between the district and the clubs. The District Administrative Bylaws provide for the selection of area directors either by appointment by the district director or by election by the area councils. Toastmasters International recommends that district directors appoint area directors. Area directors conduct club visits twice a year within their respective areas to understand and support club needs. In turn, these visits help district leaders understand how to support and meet the needs of each club. It is important that area directors have the support they need to serve clubs. The success of the district depends on it. Area directors are eligible for re-election or re-appointment for one succeeding term only. Ideally, area directors have served as members of a district council.

a1-hartmut-eggert a2-yvette-ferrer a3-jova-salazar a4-michelle-dixon a5-eric-golden a6-mandy-tsang
Area A1 Area A2 Area A3 Area A4 Area A5 Area A6
Hartmut Eggert Yvette Ferrer Jova Salazar Michele Dixon Eric Golden Mandy Tsang
 b1-andrew-citron  b2-dari  b3-teemaree  b4-josh-k  b5-lola  b6-tony-jacobsen
Area B1 Area B2 Area B3 Area B4 Area B5 Area B6
Andrew Citron Dari MacKenzie Teemaree Jacobsen Josh Koenig Lola! Love Tony Jacobsen
 c1-juliet-cartolano  c2-tenaya-jackson  c3-angela-blair  c4-tanei-varner  c5-melvin-mcdaniel  c6-ruth-jackson
Area C1 Area C2 Area C3 Area C4 Area C5 Area C6
Juliet Cartolano Tenaya Jackson Angela Blair Tanei Varner Melvin McDaniel Ruth Quiachon
 d-1-barbara-blankenship  d-2-susan-graz  d-3-karina-llanos  d-4-ann-guintivano  d-5-robert-russell  d-6-carlos-delacruz-martin
Area D1 Area D2 Area D3 Area D4 Area D5 Area D6
Barbara Blankenship Susan Graz Karina Llanos Ann Guintivano Robert Russell Carlos Delacruz-Martin
 e-2-anthony-st-clair  e-3-alejandra-alonzo  e-4-sylvester-harris  e-5-suraj-chugani  e-6-urbono-torres
Area E1 Area E2 Area E3 Area E4 Area E5 Area E6
Anthony St. Clair Alejandra Alonzo Sylvester Harris Suraj Chugani Urbano Torres
 f-1-elaine-mcgee  f-2-emmanuel-kashimbiri  f-3-ken-starks  f-4-jacki-williams-jones  f-5-peter-williams  f-6-jovita-jenkins
Area F1 Area F2 Area F3 Area F4 Area F5 Area F6
Elaine McGee Emmanuel Kashimbiri Ken Starks Jacki Williams-Jones Peter Williams Jovita Jenkins