Finishing the Year strong

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As the end year comes to a close, here are a few tips to achieve your membership and education goals:

Increasing Membership:

  • Have an Open House: For more details on open houses go to
  • Provide incentives (depending on the clubs budget) such as
    • discounts or free club dues
    • 20% off club dues
    • raffle prizes
  • Get more club dues by contacting
    • unpaid members
    • past members and promote how pathways can be of support for them
    • past guests
  • Use Social Media
    • Create a meetup page
    • Promote through Instagram & Twitter
    • Use the Nextdoor Neighborhood app
  • Have a membership drive
    • Encourage existing members to bring 2 members such as a friends and family program
    • Each member provide 3-5 prospective members and contact information “recommend a friend”
    • Have an incentive for members who bring the most guests
  • Give motivational speeches for joining Toastmasters
  • Personal connections outside of Toastmasters
  • Emphasize personal connections beyond Toastmasters
  • Promote Toastmasters all the times (
    • Social media
    • Flyers in many places (breakrooms)
    • Have HR send out flyer (corporate clubs)
    • Table at job fairs and other events
    • Host a Facebook event

Educational goals

  • Hold Speech Marathons
  • Have a member give a presentation from the Successful Club Series
  • Encourage speeches for new members
  • Encourage manual speeches
  • Encourage members to get advanced goals
  • Determine who is close to a CC, CL or Level 1

Additional Resources

Membership Building

Educational Resources

Finishing the Year Strong Flyer

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