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District 1 – Distinguished Club Program

What is the Distinguished Club Program?

The Distinguished Club Program is an annual program – running from July 1 to June 30 – that consists of 10 goals all Toastmaster’s clubs strive to achieve. The 10 goals are grouped into four areas:  Education, Membership, Training, and Administration.  Based on the number of goals achieved, clubs may be recognized as Distinguished, Select Distinguished, or President’s Distinguished Club.

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How does participation in the Distinguished Club Program benefit my club?

The DCP works hand-in-hand with the club mission by providing a structured, supportive meeting environment that is productive and fun for all the members. As members set and meet educational goals, they develop confidence and critical communication and leadership skills, inspiring others to do the same. The club’s focus on individual and collective achievement also helps build team spirit and club pride that is infectious and self-sustaining.
Distinguished Club Program Manual
Planning Successful Meetings

How does the DCP program work?

TI recognizes clubs that achieve at least 5 of 10 goals and meet the membership requirement. Start now on project #1 in the Competent Communication Manual “The Ice Breaker”

Goal Completed
1 Two CCs
2 Two more CCs
3 One ACB, ACS or ACG
4 One more ACB, ACS or ACG
5 One CL, AL or DTM
6 One more CL, AL or DTM
7 Four new members
8 Four more new members
9 Minimum of four officers trained during each of two training periods
10 One dues renewal report and one club officer list submitted on time

Membership Requirement

20 or more members OR net growth of 5 members


DCP Award Goals Required
Distinguished Club 5 of 10 goals
Select Distinguished Club 7 of 10 goals
President’s Distinguished Club 9 of 10 goals

District 1 – Area and Division Success Planning

District-Recognition-Program-1Area and Division teams develop their success plans based on the needs and goals of the members they serve.  The Area and Division Success Plans evaluate current situations, establish specific goals, and develop strategies to achieve success.

The Toastmasters International document “District Recognition Program” (available on this page) includes templates for District, Division, and Area success plans.

For more information please contact Evelyn Woolridge, DTM, Program Quality Director

Step Up, Have Fun: At The Next Conference

Conferences need at least 80 volunteers to be a success.  There are five groups of roles to consider being part of:

  • Marketing / Sales / Registrations
  • Programming / Speakers / Education / Entertainment / Program Timing
  • Contests / Business Meeting
  • Facilities / Volunteers / Sergeant At Arms
  • Hospitality  / Decorations  / Audio Video / Photography / Print Production

If you’d like to put your creativity, organization skills and teamwork to the test, contact the Conference Team