Incentive Winners 2020-2021

District 1 Incentive Winners 2020-2021


Area Area Director
A1 Carla Teravela
A2 Beverly Newton
A3 Ali Mazhin
A4 Donna Benjamin
A5 Elaine Gault
B2 Daniel Barer
B6 Waheed Akberzie
C1 Sherry Glaze
C2 Patrick Owino
C5 She’Dona Brewer
C6 Lorenzo Babboni
D2 YuMei Hom
D4 Daisy Li
D6 Barbara Woo
E1 Lucas Stidham
E3 Jenny Tran
E5 Liam Whitney
E6 Oneida Santana
F3 Valerie Thrash
F5 Kathleen Andrews

Club and Member Achievements
Congratulations to Lions Pride Toastmasters club for reinstating 11 new members, and earning the Talk Up Toastmasters incentive from District 1 and Toastmasters International. Lions Pride also wins our District Pacemaker Challenge incentive, and receives a $100 TI Gift Certificate and a digital club banner from District 1. Congratulations to Lions Pride Toastmasters, as well as Area Director Hoa Nguyen, and Division Director Ed Coffey.
Early membership renewals earned 50 clubs a $25 TI Gift Certificate, plus the club Treasurer will receive a specially curated Toastmasters Swag Bag! But that’s not all, every single club member in District 1 that renewed their membership by March 15 (952 members in all!), will receive a “Surprise Envelope” from District 1! Watch your mailbox!
Area Renewed Name
B4 1/6/2021 WME NSTV Toastmasters Club
E1 2/2/2021 Rough Writers
A1 2/9/2021 Professional Women Toastmasters
F1 2/16/2021 StoryMasters
B2 2/17/2021 Century City Toastmasters Club
F6 2/19/2021 Inglewood Community Toastmasters
A2 2/22/2021 Sand & Sea Speakers Club
E4 2/26/2021 Parliamentarian Toastmasters
F3 2/26/2021 Praisemasters
A6 3/1/2021 District 1 Trail Blazers
B3 3/1/2021 Fox Talkz Toastmasters Club
C6 3/1/2021 Aerospace Club
E2 3/1/2021 Douglas Business Park TM
C3 3/2/2021 Imperial Toastmasters
F4 3/4/2021 Carson Communicators
D2 3/5/2021 Dreambuilders Toastmasters Club
B1 3/6/2021 Next Century Toastmasters
B4 3/6/2021 West Hollywood Toastmasters
B6 3/6/2021 Toastmasters Social Club
F6 3/7/2021 Business Trainers
D4 3/8/2021 Herbalife Toastmasters
C1 3/9/2021 Infineon and Beyond Toastmasters
C3 3/9/2021 Mattel Toastmasters Club
D1 3/9/2021 CORE
E6 3/9/2021 Los Maestros De La Oratoria
F2 3/9/2021 Culver City Toastmasters Club
A6 3/10/2021 Lions Pride Toastmasters Club
C2 3/10/2021 Plane Talkers Toastmasters Club
C2 3/10/2021 Speakers by the Sea
D5 3/10/2021 Demosthenes Wannabees Toastmasters Club
E2 3/10/2021 Shoreline Speakers Club
F1 3/10/2021 C.I.T.I.E.S. Club
A1 3/11/2021 Divapreneurs
A4 3/12/2021 Coach Class Toastmasters Club
B3 3/12/2021 Visionary Speakers
D2 3/12/2021 Torrance Chamber of Commerce Club
A4 3/13/2021 Heart-Centered TM
D1 3/13/2021 South Bay Toastmasters Club
D1 3/13/2021 OMG Toastmasters
D4 3/13/2021 Transformation Speakers Toastmasters
D6 3/13/2021 Bread Of Life Toastmasters
E1 3/13/2021 Whiskey Masters of Long Beach
F2 3/13/2021 First Class Communicators
A1 3/14/2021 SIM/NMC
C3 3/14/2021 Common Space Toastmasters
D1 3/14/2021 Health and Wellness Toastmasters
E2 3/14/2021 Diagonal Toastmasters Club
E3 3/14/2021 Long Beach Gavel Toastmasters Club
E4 3/14/2021 Long Beach Powermasters
E5 3/14/2021 Lakewood Star Speakers