Pathways Guides and Ambassadors

District 1 Pathways Guides

They are the first point of contact to help with onboarding and Pathways training.  Let’s connect with the District 1 Pathway Guides!

 Kathleen Dean, DTM
 Tanya Talley, DTM
 James Paget, DTM
 Marlo Duffin, ACB, CL
 Shirley Worrels, CC
 David Kitchen, DTM
 Urbano Torres, ACB, ALB
 Jacquelyn Deloatch, DTM
 Murphy Witherspoon, DTM
 RC Sawyer, ACS, CL
 Bonny Kamen, DTM
 Rodger Cota, DTM
 Eldonna Fernandez, ACS, ALB, AS
 Linda Van Gelder, ACB
 Joanne Masuguchi-Perez
 Rick Shigio, DTM
 Taylor Chapman NaraBemi, ACB, ALB
 Kim White, ACS/ALB
 Michael Cormier, ACS
 Sandra Wallach, ACG, ALB
 Joyce Howard, DTM

The Pathways Guide will:

  • Conduct club visits to raise awareness and build excitement
  • Educate club members about the program
  • Support vice presidents of education by scheduling regular virtual support sessions and submitting their questions to World Headquarters staff

District 1 Pathways Ambassadors

  • Martha Acosta, CC
  • Tom Bauer, ACS
  • Ken Calof, CC
  • Janet Cormier, DTM
  • Larry Cosgrove, DTM
  • Saundra Davis, CC
  • John Dean, ACB, ALB
  • Joyce Howard, DTM
  • Keith Jackson, DTM
  • Joanne Jou, none
  • Lola! Love, DTM
  • Linda Morgan, CC
  • Terri Murphy, ACS
  • Yuko Oshimo, DTM
  • Annette Owens, CC
  • Bridgett Patterson-Felder, DTM
  • Mary F. Preyer, DTM
  • Marion Somers, DTM
  • Jeffrey Wolfe, ACB, CL
  • Hoa Nguyen, ACB

The role of Ambassador includes:

  • Educating other members about Pathways
  • Providing updates as the roll out progresses
  • Explaining the program’s enhancements
  • Spreading the word about how Pathways benefits members
  • Visiting clubs and answering members’ questions
  • Working closely with the Chief Ambassador to share member feedback

District 1 Chief Ambassador

  • Joyce Howard, DTM

The role of Chief Ambassador includes:

  • Leading the Ambassadors of the district
  • Educating the Ambassadors and other members about Pathways
  • Providing updates as the project progresses
  • Explaining the program’s enhancements and benefits
  • Serving as a conduit between the development team and Ambassadors
  • Answering members’ questions