Most Commonly Used Acronyms

Most Commonly Used Acronyms in Toastmasters

IP: International President
IPIP: Immediate Past International President
PIP: Past International President
ID: International Director
IPID: Immediate Past International Director
PID: Past International Director
AS: Accredited Speaker
WCPS: World Champion of Public Speaking
PWCPS: Past World Champion of Public Speaking
DG: District Governor
IPDG: Immediate Past District Governor
PDG: Past District Governor
AG: Area Governor
DTM: Distinguished Toastmaster
ATM: Advance Toastmaster or Able Toastmaster
ATM-B: Advanced Toastmaster Bronze
ATM-S: Advanced Toastmaster Silver
ATM-G: Advanced Toastmaster Gold
CTM: Competent Toastmaster
CL: Competent Leader
AL: Advanced Leader
New Communication & Leadership Designations (7/1/06)
CC: Competent Communicator
AC-B: Advanced Communicator Bronze
AC-S: Advanced Communicator Silver
AC-G: Advanced Communicator Gold
AL-B Advanced Leader Bronze
AL-S Advanced Leader Silver