Toastmaster of the Year

This award recognizes a District 1 Toastmaster whose dedication and effort make a significant contribution toward achieving the District Mission.   Although the candidate does not have to fulfill all of the below criteria, the selection will be based on the following guidelines in categories critical to District success:

Membership Building and Retention:

  • Sponsor of new members
  • Sponsor or Mentor for new club
  • Participate in new club “demo” meetings
  • Club Coach (for low-membership club)

Education and Training:

  • Trained club officers
  • Trained district officers
  • Educational awards


  • Serving as a club officer
  • Appointed as a District officer or member of District Committee
  • Promoted Toastmasters via print or electronic media
  • Chief Judge, Contest Chair or Judge at Area, Division or District
  • Attended District-sponsored training as club officer
  • Presenter at Conference or TLI training.

Toastmaster of the Year Checklist

Past Recipients