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Keynote by Sheryl Roush, DTM, PDD, Accredited Speaker

Are your promotional efforts producing the best results? 

Want greater response on your print and social media efforts?

And simple ideas that work? Marketing is fundamental to the success of your Club!

In this educational session learn tried-and-proven tips you can apply immediately to your efforts on-line and in-print! Understand what elements are best placed where in the layout and why… being creative while respecting TI branding… attracting guests and new members to your Club. Be inspired to host a Speechcraft Program, too!

Sheryl Roush, DTM, PDD, Accredited Speaker, shares her 45+ years in graphic design, marketing, and advertising. She has owned 5 graphic design studios, received 4 Toastmasters global awards for newsletters, and published 5 books on this topic. Her 17 books include Solid Gold Newsletter Design, created for Toastmasters VP-M, VP-PR, PROs and PRMs, became a course book at the University of Ottawa. Sheryl is also the proud author of the TI-sanctioned Heart of a Toastmaster book, which received the “Best Anthology” from the International Book Awards. For more about Sheryl, visit

Submit your flyers or social media posters — by January 10th — to potentially be used in this session and receive Sheryl’s professional feedback. Each sample submission earns a drawing chance to win a personal 30-minute Zoom Coaching Session with Sheryl (value $150).
Files accepted: PDF, JPG, word.doc, PPT accepted (no .PUB files).
Subject Line:  District 1 TLI – Marketing session sample
Deadline: January 10



9:00-9:30am General Assembly
9:30-10:30am Keynote Session: Sheryl Roush


10:30-10:40am Break
10:40-12:10pm Club Officer Training
12:10-12:20pm Break
12:20-1:20pm Workshops
1:20-1:25pm Break
1:25-2:25pm Workshops
2:25-2:35pm Break
2:35-4:05pm Club Officer Training



The first 20 clubs that have all seven club officers trained at TLI, January 15, 2022, will receive a $50 TI Gift Certificate from District 1.

Any District 1 club that has all seven of their officers trained before or at TLI or at Club Officer Make Up Training sessions  by respective deadlines, will receive a District 1 “2021-2022 100% Club Officers Trained” ribbon.



Anthony Penn DTM & Kim Dixon DTM

Vicky Trabosh

Free Toast Host
Rose Kirland & Marc Richards

Judges Training
Ana Lopez DTM

Meet up*
David Kitchen DTM

Membership Engagement and Retention
Keith Jackson DTM

Pathways Basics
Rodger Cota DTM

Quality Club Meetings
Leann Levine DTM



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