Toastmasters Leadership Institute SAVE THE DATE

1000 E Victoria St, Carson, CA 90747

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  1. It is a great honor to be the next Secretary of the speak Out Toastmasters Club # 1910 , 1 district in Long Beach, CA. I was a Toastmaster in San Diego, CA at Sweet Water Valley Toastmasters Club # 3225, District 5. My mentors were very loyal, honest and friendly ; and always helped with my 10 speeches whenever I need help with writing them and/or giving them in front of people. I have learn a lot the 1-1/2 year I was a active member. I want to be the Secretary of my Speak Out Club, because it will keep me busy with club business, using my laptop a lot, doing lots of reading, staying in touch with active members, and working with all club officers. This format I have chosen for myself will keep me focus, alert and accessible to everybody; I want to be a people person regardless of people race and/or sex. Thank you !!

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