The Officers’ Club of District One’s Open Mic Night & Open House

Open Mic Night & OPEN HOUSE!

 Tuesday, June 25th

6:45 PM – 8:45 PM

We will provide the time for you to complete a Competent Communication, Advanced Manual, or Pathways speech at our next club meeting Tuesday, June 25th.

Many Toastmasters members want or need to complete their Competent Communication or Advanced Manual(s) to get to the next level. However, they sometimes lack the speaking opportunities at their home club. Here’s your opportunity to complete that manual and get to the next level!

Contact Vice President of Education Rodger Cota, DTM, EC3, PDG, NOW to get yourself on the agenda! 562-619-0076 or

Officers Club Flier – Open Mic Night – 6-25-19

10900 E 183rd St., Cerritos, CA 90703