District 1 Speech Contestant Audio & Video Check

This 30-minute, pop-in help session is designed to help District 1 Table Topics and International Speech contestants get acquainted with the Zoom platform, while checking their audio and video settings, and assisting them in planning their speaking space, including lighting and background recommendations.

This is just a casual, hand-holding, one-on-one online session. We will spend 5-15 minutes as needed, with every contestant that shows up. Plan to arrive on this call with working audio and video as best you can (ideally with the computer you will be using for the contest, and in the space you plan to speak from), and we will help you from that point on. (Intended for current District 1 contestants only.)
Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/206088777

One comment

  1. I will be joining this AV check since I have on on camera role.
    Thanks for getting this set up for us.

    Lee Exton

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